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  • Trademark registration

    Trademark registration:

    The cost of registration of a trademark is determined by what you wish to obtain - the minimum price or the maximum assistance.

    N Type of service Timeline Cost
    Minimum price that ensures the registration of the trademark.
    1 Preparing and filling the application for trademark registration (including examination) 2 weeks $390
    Then you will receive by an email:
    1. Notification of acceptance for consideration of the application - in 45 days.
    2. Registration decision - in approximately 1.5 years.
    3. Certificate - in 2 years

    Additional Services
    2 Accelerated receipt of the priority note of the Patent Office 3 days $100
    3 Examination of the logo for novelty 10 days $240
    4 Accelerated receipt of the Certificate if the TM is ok 10 days $250
    Maximum assistance
    5 Correspondence with the Patent Office till the receipt of the Certificate by the Holder till receipt of Certificate $150
    You will also have:
    1. Qualified assistance at all stages of the application consideration at the Patent Office.
    2. Patent Office Priority note - in 3 days.
    3. Decision of acceptance for consideration of the application, Decision of registration of the trademark and the Certificate for the trademark - in person, in hand.
    3. Address for correspondence.

  • All amounts do not depend on the number of classes of the Nice Classification in which the mark is being registered.
  • Duties and tariffs are charged separately.

    Moreover, now an accelerated registration procedure is available. You can find more information about the accelerated registration at Certificate of Russian Federation for the trademark for 4,5 months!


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